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Physics store

Timothy van der Linden writes:
 > Hey, Steve and Kevin can one of you give me the address of that special
 > physics supply store? I can't find one in the yellow pages. I'd like to shop
 > there and try to find an anti-gravity/anti-inertia device.
 > Such a device would be most useful. No bulky engines, only small amounts of
 > energy needed. Even high acceleration would not be a problem because our
 > muscles would have the same strength but our bodies would have less inertia.
 > Timothy

Others have given you the address of the Acme Physics Warehouse.
The stuff you want is probably in the "Cartoon Physics" section;
the "Real Physics" section just has stuff like point masses,
frictionless surface coatings, and ideal gases.

You can do antigravity in several ways.  One is to keep a
suspended creature permanently in ignorance of its altitude with
special blinders; as you know, creatures won't fall until they
know they are above a canyon.  Another is to surprise a creature,
causing it to levitate above the ground, then keep it in that
state; you can get boxes of carefully bred mice that are easily
surprised.  Someone in love will float above the ground, and can
be tugged around simply by the scent of the loved one, implying
minimal inertia; tailored "love drugs" can be used to induce this