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Re: Physics store

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> Hey, Steve and Kevin can one of you give me the address of that special
> physics supply store? I can't find one in the yellow pages. I'd like to shop
> there and try to find an anti-gravity/anti-inertia device.
> Such a device would be most useful. No bulky engines, only small amounts of
> energy needed. Even high acceleration would not be a problem because our
> muscles would have the same strength but our bodies would have less inertia.
> Timothy

Sure, no problem. I can't remember the exact address, but the directions 
are easy enough.

Go down to the nearest corner.  Take any street to be direction 'x', take 
the perpendicular street to be 'y', take the vertical direction to be 
'z', now go two blocks in any direction that is perpendicular to 'x','y' 
_and_ 'z'.  you can't miss it.  %^)