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Re: Mini SD-newsletter

Subject: Preloading the decel-track
Author : Timothy
ReplyTo: Ric

>OK, so we have this traffic jamb of fuel cells in a long string heading 
>to TC. Are the faster ones going to overtake the slower ones? How are 
>these faster fuel cells going to avoid colliding with the slower ones. If 
>you aim all these off by just little bits to avoid running up the 
>tailpipe of the slower ones by the time you get close to TC they are 
>fanned out all over the place.

No, the faster ones are NOT going to overtake the slower ones. But of course
all packets get course the get nearer to each other all the time. In fact if
they where not captured near TC they would indeed overtake each other. What
we have to do is send them in the right intervals so they don't overtake
before TC.
So fanning out the packets is not necessary.