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The Technical Assistance Program is based on the premises that (1) expertise is most often appreciated when it is requested by the host country, and (2) excellent technical assistance may be acquired at a relatively low cost by utilizing advanced graduate students and professionals seeking field experience in an overseas setting.

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For many years, public agencies in the Pacific have relied on outside consultants to perform most technical studies and evaluations. Consultants leave behind reports and statistics, but they do not often leave an understanding of how the report was assembled, the statistics collected, nor how the process could be replicated in the future. As Pacific islanders work toward economic independence, the need for in-house expertise increases.

The primary goal for the Technical Assistance Program is to transfer technical skills to staff in Pacific islands public agencies. The public agency defines the project and requests a technical assistant. Requests are then matched with qualified assistants. When an appropriate match is made, technical assistants travel to Pacific islands and spend three months working with a local counterpart. Daily communication between the technical assistant and the counterpart is critical to the success of the program.

Most requests for technical assistance received by the University of Oregon include data collection, planning, and policy analysis. Projects have dealt with community development, land use, architecture, landscape architecture, parks and recreation, education, energy, natural resources, recycling, tourism, historic preservation, sports, marine resources, women's issues, agriculture, and libraries.

Funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Technical Assistance Program covers the technical assistant's travel and meals. The requesting agency is responsible for providing the housing and resources necessary to conduct the project. Technical assistants live in an apartment or with local families. Students may obtain credit for their work through the internship program at the University of Oregon.

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Some Quotes from our Technical Assistants

My best experiences were everyday ones: waking up to the mangrove in my backyard, swimming when I felt like it, spending time with the people at work, feeling a part of the community.... - Technical Assistant, Community Planning, Pohnpei

Living on Yap this summer was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to live and learn in an environment unique in the world. It may be a truism, but I learned as much about myself and my country as I learned about the people and their island. In a nutshell, my summer cleared away many cobwebs and gave me a much wider perspective on my career, politics, and worldview. I hope I was able to initiate a program with my counterpart that helped Yap move toward a sustainable future. - Technical Assistant, Architecture, Yap


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