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Technical Assistance Reports 1989-1998

Copies of the following reports are available at the agencies and organizations with which the work was done. Most of the reports are also available at the University of Hawaii/Manoa Hamilton Library, Pacific Collection and the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs in Washington, D.C. Reports related to Micronesia are also available at the Micronesian Seminar in Pohnpei.

American Samoa

Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands

Federated States of Micronesia

Kosrae State
Pohnpei State
Yap State

Republic of Palau

Library Development

Reports on the Internet

 American Samoa

American Samoa Community College. Student Services Division Program Evaluation. Kris Poasa, 1995.

Archives and Records Office. Archival Planning and Policy Development. Kevin Donald, 1995.

Economic Development and Planning Office. Capital Improvement Program Review: Findings and Recommendations. Celia Barry, 1993.

Economic Development and Planning Office, American Samoa Coastal Management Program.

§ Planning and Zoning in American Samoa. Brett Kelver, 1998.

§ Environmental Assessment Survey. Ethan Taylor, 1997.

§ Geographic Information Systems Development Project. Matt Van Ess, 1996.

§ Implementation of a Three-Year Environmental Education Plan for ASCMP. Linda Rose, 1995.

§ Environmental Education for ASCMP. Kathy Roos, 1994.

Environmental Protection Agency.

§ Americorps Training and Recruitment Plan. Alysia Ogden, 1996.

§ Safe Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection. Roger Roos, 1994.

§ Environmental Education in American Samoa. Shannon Macey, 1993.

Historic Preservation Office. Geographic Information Systems Training Project. John Black, 1997.

Marine and Wildlife Resources Department. Environmental Education Strategy. Etsuko Yasui, 1996.

Parks and Recreation Department. Utulei Park, Tutuila Island: A Plan for Renovation. Denise Jackson, 1994. (copies not available)

Territorial Energy Office.

§ Promoting Energy Efficiency and Wise Water Use in American Samoa. Jen Shaffer, 1997.

§ Inauguration of Energy Conservation Seminars and Installation of a Solar Electric System for the Dispensary and School of Swains Island. Eldon Haines, 1995.

Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands

Coastal Resources Management Division, Department of Lands and Natural Resources.

§ GIS Based Watershed Atlas of Saipan. Chuck Schonder, 1997.

§ Geographic Information System Program Development. Reed Perkins, 1996.

Environmental Quality, Department of. Natural Resources Study. Pam Kylstra, 1997.

 Federated States of Micronesia

Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia. Insurance Code Draft. Carmel Bender and Rebecca Herman, 1996.

Division of Archives and Historic Preservation, FSM. Multi-Year Historic Preservation Plan.  Keith McDade, 1997.

Observations in Micronesia: An Architectural Review. Charles Roberts, 1997.

Kosrae State

Budget and Planning Office, Development Review Commission.

§ Kosrae Coastal Protection Strategy. Jessica Côté, 1997.

§ Solid Waste Management Community Awareness Program. Denise Jackson, 1996.

§ Solid Waste Management Strategy. Arnim Fischer, 1995.

§ Shoreline and Reef Management Strategies. Vanessa Rudin, 1994.

§ Mangrove Forest and Solid Waste Management Strategies. Beverly Moore, 1994.

§ Garbage in Paradise: Waste Management Strategies. Beverly Moore, 1994.

§ Kosrae Island Land Use Plan. Beverly Moore and Laura Hafermann, 1993.

§ Kosrae Island Resource Management Program Implementation Strategy. Brady Phillips, 1992.

Commerce and Industry.

§ Foreign Investment Promotion: Developing a Foreign Investment Guide. Thue Christiansen, 1998.

Education Department.

§ Library Improvement Project - Phase III. Linda Huston, 1995.

§ Library Improvement Project - Phase II. Andrea Winship, 1994.

§ Library Improvement Project - Phase I. Sarah Rosner and Laura Hafermann, 1993.

§ Counselor Training and Counseling Center Enhancement Project, Kosrae High School. Kelly Wyatt, 1993.

Fisheries and Marine Resources. Resource Center Project. Aaron Sigrah and Josemary Nedlic, 1996.

Health Services Department. Computerized Data Management. Kristin Bonner, 1997.

Kosrae Utilities Authority.

§ Energy Conservation Education. John Pettit, 1996.

§ Energy Audit Planning. Sam Karp, 1996.

Public Affairs Department, Community Development Office. Seniors, Women and Youth Program Development. David and Hedi Shehigian, 1994.

Public Works and Utilities Department.

§ Computerized Data Management - Phase II. Jason Moore, 1996.

§ Computerized Data Management - Phase I. Clint Chiavarini, 1994.

Sports Council. Sports Facilities Assessment and Sports Program Development. David and Hedi Shehigian, 1994.

Tourism Division.

§ Ecotourism Marketing Implementation Plan. Kim Grover, 1997.

§ Computerized Data Management. Kristin Bonner, 1997.

§ Nature-Based Attractions Development Project. Greg Ringer, 1992.

Utwa-Walung Marine Park and Conservation Area.

§ Community Involvement in Natural Resource Monitoring and Tourism Development.  Elizabeth La Fleur, 1997.

§ Marine Park Implementation Strategy. Elizabeth Caraker, 1994.

Pohnpei State

Agriculture and Forestry Office. Agriculture and Forestry Five-Year Strategic Action Plan 1996-2001. Christopher Cottrell and Adelino Lorens, 1996.

Auditors Office. Computer Skills Training. Mary Barczak, 1998.

College of Micronesia-FSM and Pohnpei Public Library. Final Report, Pohnpei Library Automation Project. John Conrow, 1995.

College of Micronesia-FSM.

§ Developing Activities for Student Services – Pohnpei Campus. Cheryl Hunter, 1998.

§ Career Counseling Program Development – Pohnpei Campus . Kristin Penza, 1998.

§ Teaching Technology Center Development Project. Kenneth Girrard, 1998.

§ Student Activities and Sports Programs. Laura Gerards, 1994.

Conservation and Resource Surveillance. Coastal Resource Management. Jean D'Agostino, 1994.

Education Department.

§ Improvement Plan for PICS Library. Linda Rose, 1996.

§ Reinstating the Pohnpeian Studies Curriculum in the Public School System. Final Report and Curriculum Guide. Allison Weiss, 1993.

§ Report on School Policy and School Improvement Activities for Pohnpei State Education Department. Robert Roberts, 1993.

Environmental Protection Agency. Solid Waste and Public Education in Pohnpei. Peg Butler Murtagh, 1995.

Environmental Protection Agency and Office of Environmental Health and Sanitation. Final Report to the EPA and Office of Environmental Health and Sanitation. Valmik Ahuja, 1991.

Historic Preservation and Cultural Affairs Division.

§ Kapingamarangi Canoe-Building Project. Charles Roberts, 1997.

§ Maritime Museum Development. Jeffrey Knoche, 1996.

§ Research Library Development. Andrea Winship, 1994.

§ Nan Madol Preservation and Management Plan. Monique Wahba, 1992.

§ Pohnpei State Historic and Cultural Preservation Planning. Lance Bailey, 1992.

Human Resources Office.

§ Youth Development in Micronesia: A Supplementary Report. Kelly Wyatt, 1995.

§ Youth Development in Micronesia: An Overview of Three Projects Designed to Build Capacity for Youth-Related Programs in the FSM. Kelly Wyatt, 1994.

§ The Women of Pohnpei, Micronesia: An Overview of their Past, Present and Future Status & Formation of the Pohnpei Women's Council and Development of the Pohnpei State Women's Programs Budget. Kathy Kersting, 1993.

Land Division.

§ Geographic Information System Development. Greg Verret, 1998.

§ Continuing Development of the Pohnpei State Land Use and Zoning Master Plan (Building Structural Standards Draft Legislation, Building Code Draft Regulations, Zoning Draft Legislation, Land Use Suitability Analysis). Larry Hill, 1998.

§ Pohnpei State Land Use and Zoning Master Plan - 2nd Edition. Clint Chiavarini and Dona Miller, 1996.

§ Pohnpei State Land Use and Zoning Master Plan - 1st Edition. Elizabeth Caraker, Carrie Hall and Kevin Parkhurst, 1995.

§ Pohnpei State Park System: Issues, Options and Recommendations. Ron Cannarella, 1991. (copies not available)

Madolenihmw District Government, Pohnpei State. Madolenihmw Community Development Assistance Project. Coleen Fox, 1992.

Nature Conservancy, The. Environmental Trust Fund Feasibility Study and Working Plan.

Christine Mitchell, 1997.

Nett District Government, Pohnpei State.

§ Nett District Government Five-Year Community Development Plan (1997-2001). Christopher Cottrell, 1997.

§ Community Development Assistance Project. Paul Penner, 1991.

Pohnpei Port Authority. How to Write Environmental Impact Statement in Pohnpei State and Model Environmental Impact Statement for Aviation Development in Pohnpei. Eric Gilman, 1993.

Pohnpei Sports Council. Final Report to the Pohnpei Sports Council. Susan Turner, 1991.

Pohnpei State Government. The Master Plan Process and the Process of Creating an Existing Land Use Map. John Brennan, 1990.

Pohnpei Tourist Commission.

§ Pohnpei State Tourism Marketing Plan, 1996 - 2001. Denise Kalakay, 1995.

§ Tourism Development for Pohnpei State: Volume 3. Amy Drought, 1993.

§ Tourism Development for Pohnpei State: Volume 2. Ted Bogle, 1992.

§ Tourism Development for Pohnpei State. Maria Tikoff, 1990.

Public and Governmental Affairs Bureau. Voter Registry Database. Eldon Haines, 1996.

Rural Economic and Community Development. Designing Houses on Pohnpei: Design Strategies for a Low-Cost House in Pohnpei’s Tropical Climate. Elise Hendrickson, 1995.

Youth and Social Affairs Office. Rikada Recycling, Final Project Report. Mike Farber, 1990.

Yap State

College of Micronesia FSM – Yap Campus. Vocational Education Plan. Linda Rose and Lourdes Roboman, 1998.

Community Action Program (YapCAP). Granting Writing Project. Denise Walters, 1997.

Education Department.

§ Computer Education Project. Thomas Kenny, 1998.

§ Alternative Classroom Facility Design. Kent Davis, 1995.

§ Yap State Substance Abuse Curriculum, Grades 4-8. Jeanne Block, 1992.

§ Youth Rap and Yap Memorial Hospital. Jeanne Block, 1992.

Environmental Protection Agency. Hazardous Waste Management. Tom Harrison, 1994.

Head Start Program. Planning and Policy Formulation. Carie Rodgers, 1995.

Health Services Department. Health Education Projects and Training (Health Education and Communication Skills Training for Health Care Staff, Basic First Aid and CPR/Choking Training for Police Officers, Ward Nurse Supervisors' Training for Yap Memorial Hospital, HIV Prevention and Breastfeeding projects). Jeanne Block, 1998.

Historic Preservation Office.

§ Yap State Multi-Year Historic Preservation Plan - Phase II Projects and Resource  Bibliography. Françoise Bodone, 1996.

§ Yap State Multi-Year Historic Preservation Plan, Phase II: Cultural Preservation. Amy Drought, 1994.

§ Yap State Multi-Year Historic Preservation Plan, Phase I: Assessment and Fact-Finding. Chris Descantes, 1993.

Planning Budget and Statistics Office.

§ Yap State Building Code Project. Jason Kruckeberg, 1996.

§ Colonia Existing Land Use Survey. Larry Vasquez, 1994.

§ Colonia Center Project Site Plan and Design. Larry Vasquez and Ned White, 1993.

Marine Resources Management Division.

§ Proposal for a Coordinated Development Review Process for Yap State. Larry Ward, 1991.

§ Reef Fisheries in Yap Proper: Status of the Traditional Authority Environment and Implications for Management. Tom Graham, 1991.

Resources and Development Department.

§ Yap State Vocational Training Review & Analysis. Jeannette Williamson, 1997.

§ Manpower Training Plan 1997-2001. Jean D'Agostino, 1996.

Yap Small Business Development Center. Business Computer Training, a Business Database, and Strategic Planning. Eldon Haines and James Limar, 1998.

Yap Women’s Association. Daycare Center Curriculum. Terry Thompson, 1995.

 Republic of the Marshall Islands

Agriculture Division, Ministry of Resources and Development.

§ Agriculture Resource and Management Plan. Christopher Cottrell and Alexander Laukon, 1995.

§ Arno Farm: Replanting for Self Reliance. Kevin Finney, 1993.

The Alele Museum. Strategic Planning and Accounting Management. Erik Heim, 1994.

College of the Marshall Islands.

§ Student Tracking Database and Computer Training. Arnim Fischer, 1997.

§ 1996-1998 General College Catalog. Deborah Burke, 1996.

§ Review and Development of Policies and Procedures of the CMI Business Office. Chris Chesire, 1992.

§ CMI Landscape and Waste Management Plan. Lydia Kaye, 1992.

Jaluit Atoll Development Association.

§ Community-Based Tourism Development for Jaluit Atoll. Emily Thomas, 1998.

§ A Community Based Tourism Plan for Jaluit Atoll. Dan Miller, 1997.

Majuro Atoll Local Government.

§ Majuro Atoll Land Use Master Plan Project. Ronald P. Moroni, 1991.

§ Majuro Atoll Land Use Master Plan, Charting a Course for the Future. Julia Demichelis and Tracy Brown, 1990.

Marshall Islands Handicraft Cooperative. Handicraft Cooperative Development Project.   Sue Cutsogeorge, 1995.

Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority.

§ Aquaculture Feasibility Study for Mejit and Lib, Lynn Rosentrater, 1996.

§ Aquaculture Training in the Marshall Islands: Clam Farming Extension Manual.  William Heyman, 1991.

Planning and Statistics Office. Closing Report for the 1990 Household Income and Expenditures Pilot Survey. James Peters, 1990.

Print Shop and Media Center, Ministry of Education. Print Media Upgrading Project. Ari Seligmann, 1994.

Tourism Office. Marshall Islands Tourism Development Project. Aaron Henson, 1993.

 Republic of Palau

Agriculture and Mineral Resources Division.

§ Agriculture, Livestock, and Forestry Five-Year Action Plan, 1996-2001. Trish Wilson, 1996.

§ Agriculture Marketing Plan. Vassilis Dalakas and Meresebang Ngiralemau, 1995.

§ Land Use Inventory of Babeldaub. Kerry KenCairn, 1992.

Bureau of Lands and Surveys. GIS Land Information Systems Database Development.   Matt Van Ess, 1997.

Conservation & Entomology Division.

§ Conservation Education Plan. Clint Chiavarini and Sinesio Sandei, 1995.

§ A Preliminary Wildlife Management Plan for the Republic of Palau: Vertebrates. Holly Freifeld, 1992.

§ Comprehensive Conservation Strategy for the Republic of Palau. Jodi Cassell, 1991.

Conservation & Entomology Division, Division of Marine Resources, and Republic of Palau Museum. An Assessment, Progress Report, and Recommendation for Three Public Agency Libraries in the Republic of Palau. Jane Barnwell, 1991, 1992. (copies not available)

Cultural Affairs Division.

§ Palau 5 Year Historical and Cultural Preservation Plan: 1998-2003. Scott Fitzpatrick and Victoria Kanai, 1997.

§ Computerization of Files and Data Management Project. Aubrey Hord and Lynda Dee Tellames, 1995.

§ Palau Register of Historic Places Organization Plan. Eileen Marie, 1992.

§ Ten Year Historical and Cultural Preservation Plan, 1990 - 2000. Kathy Poole, 1990.

Didil Belau Women's Organization. Didil Belau Summer Camp Manual. Marianne Naess, 1993.

Environmental Quality and Protection Board.

§ Delineation of Water Use Classes and Water Quality Inventory. Lance Gatchell, 1996.

§ The Ngerikiil Watershed Inventory and Management Plan. Steve Elliott, 1993.

Marine Resources Division. The Role of Women in the Fisheries of Palau. Elizabeth Matthews, 1991.

Palau Community College (formerly Micronesian Occupational College).

§ PCC Program Evaluation. Chantel Seely, 1997.

§ PCC Computer Training Model. Rebecca Sweatman, 1997.

§ Campus Landscape Designs and Site Recommendations. Peg Butler Murtagh, 1996.

§ Marketing and Public Relations Plan for PCC. Barbara H. Shaw and Jay Olegeriil, 1995.

§ MOC Design Plan. Sam Pierce, 1992.

§ Comprehensive Physical Development Plan. Steve Scott, 1991.

§ A Preliminary Land Use and Facilities Inventory and Evaluation of the Micronesian Occupational College. Jennifer Snyder, 1990.

Palau Energy Office. Sustainable Design, Conservation Education, and Implementation Plan for Solar Lighting Systems. Shea Bajaj, 1993.

Palau Housing Authority. Palau Housing Needs Assessment. Kristen Taylor, 1997.

Palau Visitors Authority.

§ Ecotourism in Palau. Terri Harding, 1996.

§ Visitor Exit Survey. Jason Kruckeberg, 1994.

§ Tourism in Palau: Processes for Heritage Enhancement. Betsy Krause, 1990.

Parks and Recreation Division. Proposals and Recommendations for Sports Programs and Facilities in the Republic of Palau. Julie Fischer, 1990.

Planning and Statistics Office. National Economic Evaluation. Sachiko Kataoka, 1994.

Science Department, Palau Ministry of Education. Science Curriculum Development. Linda Rose and Eldon Haines, 1994.


Environment & Conservation Division. O le Pupu Pu'e National Park and Togitogiga Recreation Reserve Draft Management Plan Project. Matt Van Ess, 1998.

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme. 7th Grade Environmental Science Curriculum for the

Ministry of Education, Republic of Kiribati. Aranzazu Lascurain, 1997.

 Library Development

Library Development in Micronesia. A Follow-up Report with Recommendations for Automation. Jane Barnwell, 1994. (copies not available)

Library Training in Micronesia: Planning for Development. Mary Ann Lund Goodwin, 1991. (copies not available)

A Review of the Library Skills Workshop held in Eugene, Oregon. Mary Ann Lund, 1990. (copies not available)

Libraries in Micronesia: Assessment and Recommendations. Mary Ann Lund, 1989. (copies not available)


Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability: The Pacific Islands Challenge, Maradel Gale, 1998.

University of Oregon Micronesia and South Pacific Program and Sustainable Development Group, Sea of Change, Island Tourism: Managing Development of a Tourist Economy. Kathleen Roos and Maradel Gale, 1996.

University of Oregon Micronesia and South Pacific Program, University of Oregon Pacific Islands Students Reintegration Project. Beverly Moore and Maradel Gale, 1993. (copies not available)

Reports on the Internet

Kapingamarangi Canoe-Building Project. Charles Roberts,

Observations in Micronesia: An Architectural Review. Charles Roberts, 1997.

Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability: The Pacific Islands Challenge, Maradel Gale, 1998.


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