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Raven, Angoon, Alaska. Photograph by K. Stansbury, July, 1985.

Raven, Angoon, Alaska. Photograph by K. Stansbury, July, 1985.
Dean Creek male elk facing off, Douglas County, Oregon. Photograph by M. Moss, Sept. 1993.
M. Moss, M. Tveskov, and R. Losey butcher a harbor seal carcass at the Hatfield Marine Science Center for the UO collection, January, 1997.
PLE student sorting and analyzing bone. Photograph by Amanda Bush, 2003
Salmon bones from two Angoon sites, Windy Smokehouse (left) and Anteyuq (right). The salmon vertebrae on the left are calcined and crushed, the salmon bones on the right was well-preserved, including cranial and pectoral elements. 1989.
Photograph shows process of cleaning fish bone. The bone is defleshed by soaking in a water solution (left), then the bone is cleaned and cataloged (right). Photograph by Amanda Bush, 2003.
Madonna Moss working with collection of bird specimens at the UO Department of Anthropology North Pacific Faunal Collection. Photograph by J. Erlandson, November, 1998.
Sitka blacktail deer swimming between islands of the Prince of Wales Archipelago, Alaska - illustrating deer as a aquatic resource. Photograph by M. Moss, July, 1997.
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