Geology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
(Geol 308)

Tentative Course Syllabus

Week 1
Tues. March 30: Introduction to course; Plate Tectonics introduction.
Thurs. April 1 Introduction to rocks and minerals.

Week 2
Tues., April 6 Volcanism: Cascade Volcanoes.
Thurs., April 8 Cascade Volcanoes and High Lava Plains.

Week 3
Tues., April 13: Intrusive magmatism: Coast Plutonic Complex and Idaho Batholith.
---->Written Assignment Due: Summary of Mt. St. Helens eruptions (<300 words).
Thurs., April 15: Plate Tectonics concepts.
Optional Field Trip: Saturday, April 17 Newport, OR area.

Week 4
Tues., April 20: Sedimentation and Coast Ranges.
Thurs., April 22: Sedimentation and Coast Ranges.
Optional Field Trip: Saturday, April 24 to Coos Bay, OR.

Week 5
Tues., April 27: Coast Ranges and Willamette Valley.
---->Written Assignment Due: Description of a depositional environment and resulting rock types (<500 wds).
Review Session: Tues, 5 PM to 6PM.
Thurs., April 29: Midterm Exam.

Week 6
Tues., May 4: Modern Plate Tectonic setting of Oregon and Pac. NW.
Thurs., May 6: Yellowstone Hot Spot, Basin and Range.
Optional Field Trip: Sat-Sun, May 8-9 to Summer Lake, OR.

Week 7
Tues., May 11: Metamorphism and N. Cascades.
----->Written Assignment Due: Oregon or Pac NW seismicity (<300 words).
Thurs., May 13: Accretion, Paleomagnetics, and Blue Mountains.

Week 8
Tues., May 18: Accretion: Blue Mtns., Klamath Mtns.
Thurs., May 20 Geologic History
Optional Field Trip: Fri-Sun, May 21-23 to John Day area, OR.

Week 9
Tues., May 25: Modern Geologic Processes in the Northwest
----->Written Assignment Due: Geology of Pac NW feature or province (<500 wds).
Thurs., May 27: Modern Processes.

Week 10
Tues., June 1: Plate Tectonics Recap.
Thurs., June 3: Review.

Final exam will be held in our classroom at 3:15 on Thursday, June 10.

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