Geology of the National Parks

***Week 2***

Tuesday, October 2.       
Plate Tectonics
Crater Lake National Park
Reading for Tuesday.  Miller, p. 21-29.   Also, the USGS has an outstanding site for plate tectonics at ( Make sure you understand that there are only three possible types of plate margins: convergent, divergent, and transform—and that convergent margins can vary depending on the type of lithosphere that’s involved.  In what plate tectonic setting are the Cascades?

Thursday, October 4.       
Crater Lake National Park
Lassen, Rainier, other Cascade Volcanoes

Reading for Thursday; Miller, p. 30-35.  Peruse the Cascade Volcano Observatory (CVO) website ( to gain a better feeling for Mt. Rainier NP, Mt. St. Helens NVM, Lava Beds NM, and Lassen Volcanic NP.  What are the main differences between these parks?  Start with the rock type (each park is made of different types of volcanic rocks) and then try to relate their differences to the different rocks.

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Geology of the National Parks