Geology of the National Parks
(Geology 213)

Fall Quarter, 2007
--tentative schedule--
lectures and writing assignments

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Week #1
 Sept. 25     Tuesday:  Introduction to course; Rocks
 Sept. 27     Thursday:  Rocks/Rock Cycle.  Mountains.
                            Volcanic Rocks and volcanoes

Week #2
Oct. 2    Tuesday:  Plate Tectonics, Crater Lake
Oct. 4    Thursday:   Crater Lake and other Cascade Volcanoes

Saturday, October 6.  Field trip: Crater Lake National Park

Week #3
Oct. 9        Tues: Sierra Nevada
                            ***Written Assignment: Cascade Volcanoes***

Oct. 11    Thursday:  Grand Canyon NP

                    Saturday, October 20.  Field trip: Oregon Coast

Week #4
Oct. 16    Tues: Grand Canyon NP
Oct. 18    Thurs: Grand Canyon NP

Week #5
Oct. 23    Tues: Colorado Plateau
Oct. 25    Thurs: Midquarter  Review Session

Week #6
Oct. 30     Tues: Midquarter exam
Nov. 1     Thurs: Fold-Thrust Belt: Glacier NP

Week #7
Nov. 6        Tues: Basin and Range Province: Death Valley and Grand Teton
Nov. 8        Thurs: Grand Teton, Death Valley

Week #8
Nov. 13    Tues:  Snake River Plain and Yellowstone NP
Nov. 15    Thurs: Yellowstone NP and Hawaii

Week #9
Nov. 20    Tues:  Glacial Geology in national Parks
Nov. 22    Thurs: Happy Thanksgiving!

Week #10
Nov. 27    Tues:     Glacial Geology
Nov. 29    Thurs:   Course Review/Evaluations

Final exam will be held at 3:15 PM, Monday, December 10.

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