Geology 101

***Week 6***

Monday, November 3
Day off ­study for midterm

Wednesday, November 5
Midterm Exam: Honor Code Applies

Dr. Ray Weldon will administer exam

Friday, November 7
Important features of sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks

Reading for Friday: Skim the chapters on Sedimentary (Chapter 7) and Metamorphic (Chapter 8) rocks.  For sedimentary rocks, you can skip the material on weathering (that comes in Geology 102) and start at section 7.4 (p. 176).  Make sure you understand the differences between clastic, biochemical, and chemical sedimentary rocks.  Then, have a look at the section on sedimentary environments.

For Metamorphic rocks, carefully read section 8.4, 8.5, (p. 210-220).  Make sure you understand fig. 8.19.

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