Geology 101

***Week 7***

Monday, November 10
Mountain-building: faulting

Reading for Monday: Chapter 11, p. 319-330.  Pay special attention to the introductory information, the concepts of brittle and ductile deformation, stress (compression vs. tension vs. shear), and fault types.  Pay special attention to figure 11.14.

Box 11.1 on p. 326 will be especially useful for lab.  It explains the important concept of strike and dip.

Wednesday, November 12
Faulting and folding.

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 11, p. 330-334.  Make sure you understand the basic fold types (anticline vs. syncline) and how they form (fig. 11.23).
The section about ýfolds on geologic mapsţ (p. 332) and figure 11.21, will be invaluable for lab.

Friday, November 14
Regional Geology of western United States

Reading for Friday: Chapter 11, p.  339-347, nicely describe different ýtectonic provincesţ in the western USˇwhich will be the focus of lecture.  Compare WednesdayÝs hand-out with figure 11.34.  Can you describe the evolution of western North America?  To see the connection between plate tectonics and mountain-building made explicit, read the description of the Appalachian Mtns (+ fig. 11.36) and of the Himalayan Range (2 page spread, p. 342-343.

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