Geology 101

Week 1

Monday, September 29
Introduction to course
Nature of Science
Some aspects of geology

Reading for Monday: Prelude, p. 3-10.  Do read this bookís prelude.  It is both interesting and informativeóbut donít bog yourself down trying to memorize everything. Pay special attention to ìP.3 Themes of this Bookî and Box P.1 ìThe Scientific Methodî.

Wednesday, October 1
Composition and Structure of Earth
Introduction to minerals

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 2, p. 35-49; pay special attention to p. 41-48.  In Wednesdayís class, we will discuss the elemental composition of the Earth, and Earthís physical and chemical layering.

Friday, October 3 

Reading for Friday: Chapter 5, Minerals.  Mineralogy is a whole science unto itself.  In fact, the geology department offers an entire course on the subject.  Consequently, there is far more material in this chapter than weíll be able to cover in lecture.  I recommend first reading the chapter summary on p. 127 and then the captions to each figure.  Then, to prepare for class, read p. 109-112 (What is a mineral?); p. 115-117 (The Formation and Destruction of Minerals); p. 121-122 (the Mineral Classes).  Pages 118-121, on mineral identification, will be useful for this weekís lab.

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