Geology 101

Week 2

Monday, October 6
Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary rocks

Reading for Monday: Carefully read p. 129-135, (Interlude A: Rock Groups).  Then click here to see more rocks and quiz yourself on rock types.

Wednesday, October 8
Rock Cycle

Reading for Wednesday: Study žInterlude BÓ on p. 227-233.  Most importantly, make sure you understand figure B.1 (p. 228) and the two page figure on p. 230-231.  We will not discuss the žCase StudyÓ at this point in class, as we have not yet studied plate tectonics.

        Question: what type of rock does the pattern at the edges of pages 227-233 depict?


Friday, October 10
Introduction to Igneous Rocks and Processes
Magmas: compositions and behaviors

Reading for Friday: Chapter 6: Magma and Igneous Rocks, p. 137-147; Chapter 9: The Wrath of Vulcan, p. 237-252.  In class, weŪll focus on magma types: how they are distinguished (by composition), how they are related through the processes of fractional crystallization and partial melting, and how they produce different types of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions.  So in the reading, pay special attention to the section: the major types of magma (p. 143-145), the movement of magma and lava (p.146-147), the architecture and shape of volcanoes (p. 244-246), and eruptive styles (p. 247, 250, 252).

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