Course: Arch 484/584, Instructor: Nancy Cheng
Jerzy Wojtowicz & Tom Staniszkis, Univ. of British Columbia


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Program Brief

Students first designed panels of a folding screen using software of their choice (UO students used Photoshop, PowerCadd and Design Workshop, UBC students used FormZ). Then our students randomly chose a partner at UBC. Each student took his or her partner's components and tried to create a new composition using either

  • the two-dimensional graphic
  • the three-dimensional CAD geometry (in DXF form) OR
  • laser-cut pieces (limited to 2 examples due to expense).

katina dutton's screen icon
as -->
peeroj thakre's rendering In some cases, the UBC students helped the UO students visualize or develop their own idea. Katina Dutton of UO created her own screen from the lacquered screens of Eileen Gray. Her partner, Peeroj Thakre of UBC, took the DXF data and rendered it with the intended material qualities.

Santos Goicoechea screen 2D --> 3D JJ Lee's interpretation of Santo's screen J.J. Lee interpreted Santos Santos Goicoechea's simple two dimensional bit-map into a rich sculptural network of beads and rods. In re-reading the bead-curtain, he projected depth into each of the shapes, freely creating a composition without worrying about structural integrety or material properties.

scott passman's screen
scott geib's transform of scott passman's screen In a similar acceptance of the magic of imaginary cyberspace, Scott Geib interpreted Scott Passman's variation of a Chinese lattice design by accepting the dematerialization of the media.

murray gilmour's transformation of loren hill's loren hill's screen articulated murray gilmour's transformation of loren hill's screen In contrast to these ethereal ghostly transformations, Murray Gilmour took Loren Hill's wood framed screen in a very buildable way, describing a connection piece and showing it in wood and rich red and black colors.

Other students subverted the original author's intentions.... (next))

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