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Web Authoring Links

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I. Getting Started

Project Cool's Web Development Tools 
Including the HTML QuickStart 

A Step-by-Step Way to Learn HTML: 
Case Western Reserve University's Introduction to HTML 

Netscape Wizard: 
Fill out forms to create an instant web page 

Link Parts of Web Images to Other Sites: 
Client side image maps: basic how-to and syntax 

Links to Web Authoring Resources: 
Software Tools at Killersites.com 

Kevin Werbach's Bare Bones Guide to HTML: 
Good links on Web Authoring 

Webtech's HTML validator: 
Checks if your HTML fits the official specifications. 

II. Web Design 

Yale C/AIM style guide 
Detailed guide to creating effective web pages. 

Web Page Design for Designers
Joe Gillespie explains layout, typography and graphics

Design Links: 
Ying Tan's web resources pages of design related web sites 

Designing Web Graphics 
Lynda Weinman's HomeGURLL page w/ excellent color tips 

Web Graphics: 
"Beyond the Bones" simple principles for web graphics

Laura McCanna's Photoshop and Corel Tips 
Help for Web graphics 

III. Shareware / Freeware for Web Authoring 

GIF Builder: 
Freeware utility to create animated GIFs for your web site. 

Thorsten Lemke's amazing Graphic Converter shareware 
80% of Photoshop functions (ftp from AOL

Pagespinner HTML Editing Tool for Mac: 
Good for beginners as well as mavens 

IV. Interesting Places on the Web

MoMA's Web Projects
Includes an AIDS Time Capsule, Travelogue through China.

a graphic novel

Planet 9 web design company 
Home of Virtual Kyoto, Virtual MIR & the Geisha avatar. (VRML browser needed) 

Project NZ
Journal of a bike trip across New Zealand

Web Design From A Pro: 
David Siegel's Killer Web Sites

Wow Web Wonders
Award-winning sites sorted by category

I.D. magazine awards
Links to award winning Websites. Excerpts from CD projects available >at the library: RSRV AAA CD-ROM N7433.8.I58 1997)

Richard Rogers' Partnership: 
Architectural portfolio with unified, quietly elegant design

V. Computer-Aided Teaching Tools

Faculty Consultants Network: 
Oregon Faculty Consultants Network project of the UO Educational Technology Committee designed to improve faculty access to instructional technology 

Web Conferencing: 
Motet: University of Oregon's experimental conferencing service 

Courses On The Web: 
WebCT: Web course tools 

VI. 3D for the Web

Graphics Formats: 
File formats for images, movies & 3D files 

Introduction to VRML: 
VRML at Silicon Graphics 

Virtual reality modeling language 

Quickdraw 3D: 
Apple computer's native QuickDraw 3D 

Form-Z 3D Modeler: 
Form-Z from Autodessys: powerful 3D & 2D modeling application 

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