Arch 424/524 

CRN 25485/25496

3 Credits      

MW 8:00-10:00am 132 Pacific Hall


a  s e n s e  o f




Design-Development Media                           

Pre-req: Intro Arch Computing or Permission


Nancy Cheng,

Course Description

Capturing a place means recording unique impressions, perceptions and memories along with physical representations.  The class will examine how lighting, form and materials make a place distinctive and how those qualities can be conveyed on the Web.  It fosters creative expression and artistic control in using digital modeling, photorealistic lighting simulation and Web interaction.

The class will include lecture/demos, work sessions, reviews and discussions.  For more information, see the website at


Course Objectives

In taking this course, students will learn how to:

-   Communicate design concepts & spatial environments

-   Create clear, compelling Web presentations

-   Develop teamwork skills & strategies

Course Requirements

Students will use web authoring, 3D modeling, rendering and animation to describe existing sites and unbuilt designs. Students will record their work in progress on the Web and participate in peer reviews.

The course requires timely submission of assignments, class participation, and completion of readings. The course will be taught on Windows computers; assignments may be completed on Mac or Windows computers.

The course maintains a demanding pace to maximize learning.

Evaluation Criteria

-   60% Weekly and bi-weekly assignments

-   20% Class participation, discussion & quizzes

-   20% Final digital portfolio

Required Software

The course will introduce Discreet Lightscape Visualization System 3.2 on Windows and develop advanced skills in Autodessys FormZ 3.2.1, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (earlier versions okay for homework) and Adobe GoLive 5.0.  Advanced students may explore additional software available in the AAA Labs.

Recommended Readings

Cohen, Jonathan, Communication and design with the Internet

Kerlow, Isaac Victor, The Art of 3D Computer Animation & Imaging

Spalter, Anne Morgan, The Computer in the Visual Arts

Uddin, M. Saleh, Digital Architecture