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IMAGE SOURCES (for use in study, do not post with out permission)


    Hiss, Tony, The Experience of Place

    Passini, Romedi, Wayfinding in Architecture. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992.

    Tuan, Yi-Fu, Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1976.

    Walter, Eugene Victor, Placeways, A theory of the human environment, Chapel Hill, NC: The Univ of North Carolina Press, 1988. BF 353 . W35. 1988

    more references on sense of place


    Reed, Peter, ed., Alvar Aalto: Between Humanism and Materialism, NY: Harry N. Abrams for the Museum of Modern Art, 1998.

      Includes essays by top scholars

    Schildt, Goran, The architectural drawings of Alvar Aalto, 1917-1939 : in eleven volumes

    Schildt, Goran, Alvar Aalto: the early years, the modern man, the mature years

    Weston, Richard, Alvar Aalto, Phaidon 1995

      Explains Aalto's buildings in the context of Finnish landscape, classical and modern architecture, and public space. Strong descriptions of spaces, materials, techniques and details.



    Kerlow, Isaac Victor, The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Imaging, New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996. --RSRV AAA T385.K45 1996 :

    In-depth view of modeling, rendering, animation, and post-processing with both concepts and practical guidelines clearly spelled out. Covers computer animation production with insight into the industry.

    Ashford, Janet & J. Odam, Getting Started in 3D, AAA TR897.5 .A85 1998:   

    A fun, picture-filled introduction to computer modeling and rendering.  Examples are oriented towards using graphics for illustration rather than realistic representation.

    Spalter, Anne Morgan, The Computer in the Visual Arts, AAA N72.E53 S65 1999:  

    A textbook which provides clear technical explanations of many kinds of digital graphic tools and shows how artists have been using them. Good examples of creative work. Not focused on architectural applications.

    Weishar, Peter, Digital Space: Designing Virtual Environments,  AAA  NA2728 .W43 1998:  

    Oriented towards creating virtual sets for the entertainment industry, this book is filled with useful how-to tips and tricks for 3D modeling and rendering.

DIGITAL MEDIA - Architectural

    Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) conference proceedings:

    Academic papers present digital media theory, tool developments, teaching and practice applications in a wide range of design computing focus areas. (see also CUMINCAD index for online abstracts)
    • Bermudez, J & Ataman, O, ACADIA' 99: Media and Design Process, AAA NA2728 .A23 1999
    • Seebohm, Thomas & S. Van Wyk, Do digital design studios make a difference?, ACADIA'98, AAA NA2728 .A23 1998
    • Jordan, Peter & Harfmann, A. & Meinhert, B., ACADIA'97 : Representation & design AAA NA2728 .A23 1997

    Goldman, Glenn, Architectural Graphics: Traditional and Digital, Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, 1996. --RSRV AAA NA2708.G65 1996:

    Introductory how-to book which covers new and traditional media and the conceptual overlap and pragmatic synergy between them.

    Mitchell, William J. and M. McCullough, Digital Design Media, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1995. --RSRV AAA TA174 .M58 1995 :

    Step by step overview of all types of design media with an emphasis on architectural applications.

    Novitski, B.J., Rendering Real and Imagined Buildings, AAA NA2728 .N68 1998

    Case-studies show how computer graphics can be used for reconstructing destroyed and unbuilt architecture.

    Ojeda, Oscar Riera and Lucas H. Guerra, Hyper-realistic, computer generated architectural renderings, Rockport MA: Rockport Publishers & McGraw Hill, 1996. RSRV AAA NA 2728.R54 1996. w/ CD-ROM

    Shows techniques for architectural visualizations. Good graphics & concise essays.

    Sanders, Ken,The Digital Architect,AAA NA1996.5 .S26 1995:

    Thoughtfully explains how computers can be used for architectural practice. Great insight into what makes digital media effective.

    Uddin, M. Saleh, Digital Architecture (New York: McGraw-Hill 1999), AAA**:

    Categorizes and explains different ways that computer graphics can be used for architectural design. Illustrated with excellent images from around the world.


    Cohen, Jonathan,  Design and Communication on the Internet, see website

    Jacobson, Robert, Information design, AAA NK1510 .I53 1999:

    Essays on packaging information from a variety of disciplines, including architectural and digital interface applications. Story of designing signage for the blind makes a powerful argument for reexamining our assumptions about user needs.

    Mok, Clement, Designing Business, AAA TK5101 .M64 1996 (& AAA DESK CD-ROM TK5101.M64 1996):

    Visually pleasing book explains how web graphics can reinforce corporate identity.

    Mullet, Kevin & Darrell Sanos, Designing Visual Interfaces: Communication Oriented Techniques

    Introduces user interface design through examples of graphic communication outside of the box.

    Velthoven, W & J Seijdel, Multimedia Graphics : the best of global hyperdesign, AAA QA76.76.I59 M84 1996:

    Examples of strong MM graphics including sets of web pages.

    Weinman, Lynda, Deconstructing Web Graphics 2, ITC reserve T385 .W4542 1998:

    Dissects high-quality graphic Web sites and explains what makes them tick. A terrific way for intermediate Web designers to become advanced. Assumes familiarity with HTML.

    Weinman, Lynda, Designing Web Graphics, 3rd Ed,SCI T385 .W4545 1999:

    Emphasizes technical aspects of preparing images for the Web. All Weinman books are beautifully produced.



    Tufte, Edward R., Envisioning Information, Graphics Press, Cheshire CT, 1990, Chapter 3, "Layering and Separation" and Chapter 5, "Color and Information".

    Knauer, Roland, Entwurfen and Darstellen, Ernst and Sohn, 1991.

    Norman, Donald, "The Powers of Representation", Chapter 3 in Things that Make Us Smart, New York: Addison Wesley, 1993.


    Ashford, Janet & J. Odam, Start with a Scan, KNIGHT T385 .A775 1996:

    If the Photoshop manual leaves you cold, you might enjoy seeing this book's examples of what you can produce. Could be subtitled: fun with filters.

    Herbert, Daniel, "A Critical Analysis of Design Processes and Media: Applications for Computer Aided Design", in Re-connecting, Proceedings from ACADIA'94, St. Louis, Missouri. AAA -- NA2728 .A25 1994:

    Combining traditional models and digital media to foster design thinking.

    Ihrig, Sybil & Emil Ihrig, Preparing Digital Images for Print, AAA T385 .I393 1996:

    Anyone who has every puzzled over dpi, lpi and ppi will love this little book which goes into excruciating detail on how to get computer graphics onto paper.

    Mitchell, William J., The Reconfigured Eye: Truth in the post-photographic era. MIT Press, 1992. (621.367)

    Social implications of digital photography

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