Visit 3, Saturday February 8th, 2003:

  • Our team returned on a sunny day in order to take a second set of readings in the same room.
  • We also measured illuminace from the two electric lights

On February 8th we made our third visit to Ash Creek. The weather was clear and sunny giving us the opportunity to examine the lighting design under favorable conditions. We repeated the measurements taken on the second visit under these new conditions, isolating the light sources as before. We used a more sophisticated Licor illuminance meter, capable of accurately recording the high illuminance levels of direct sunlight, to take the readings outside the building.
We also made an in-depth examination of the lighting controls. We found the control boxes located in the plenum above the classrooms and examined the installation of the solar tubes above the soffit. We formed a hypothesis about the programming of the automatic lighting control and took measurements of the illuminance from the elctric lights.

Doug overwhelmed by the paper Photo: S. Hill
Matt covering the relights Photo: S.Hill