Quick Reads--
    News Updates from here, there, everywhere--

August, 2000         "Fire and Ice"  Hostility and withdrawal: Linda Roberts study

August 2, 2000      "Cohabitation: The Marriage Enemy"

March 30, 2000       "Sweet talk and Divorce"  More about Gottman

 February 11, 2000  "A Matter of Compromise and Acceptance"
                                  NY Times article on "acceptance" marital therapy.

        February 20, 2000     "When It Pays to Argue With a Spouse"

           June, 1998           Article about Gottman and his "new" therapy

           May 20, 1998     Arizona passes a marriage covenant marrige law. Once again!

             May 18, 1998   Florida passes a marriage law!    Has the government
                                  gotten  involved?

 May 7, 1998    Interesting use of predictive validity of coping strategies
                             to inform marital satisfaction. Good sample article.

  April 20, 1998    Marriage rates from Australia -- whose marrying when?

           April 15, 1998     An article on Congress and marriage describing
                             the conservative point of view.  When values jump ahead
                            of  knowledge. Check it out.

           April 6, 1998    Marriage Spats Bad for Wives' Health

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