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Shanghai short course on crossed products by finite group actions on C*-algebras (26--30 July 2014).

Summary of results on L^p operator algebras which "look like" C*-algebras (GPOTS 2014) (pdf)

I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon. My research specialty is operator algebras. I maintain an operator algebraist email directory, whose updates carry announcements of interest to operator algebraists, and a page of WWW operator algebra resources. I also maintain several web pages with information for people attending conferences at the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon; details here.

In the fall quarter, I am teaching two sections of Math 251 (first quarter freshman calculus for scientists and engineers). There it still not much information on the course page, but it does describe what to do if you are having trouble getting into Math 251, and list some important things about this course.

During the winter quarter, I will be at the University of Toronto, where I will be teaching a course on crossed products of C*-algebras and Banach algebras.

In the spring quarter, I am teaching Math 686. There is so far no web page for this course. Because of overlap between the semester in Toronto and the quarter at Oregon, lectures in this course will start a week late. Make up lectures will be scheduled.

I remain involved with the organization of the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminars (WCOAS).

Here are the locations of the next several: Sign up for future information by joining the WCOAS confirmed opt-in mailing list.

RIMS Winter School lectures.

CRM course.

Slides from my talk "Towards the classification of outer actions of finite groups on Kirchberg algebras" at the Centre de Recerca Matematica, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, June 2011.

Slides from my talk "Strict comparison for crossed products by free minimal actions of Z^d" at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, September 2011.

In June 2009, I gave a one week course on crossed product C*-algebras, at the International Summer School on Operator Algebras and Applications in Lisbon, Portugal. A draft of a related set of lecture notes is available on the course page.

Lectures at the Shanghai Special Week on Operator Algebras.

In December 2009, I gave a short course on crossed product C*-algebras, Seoul National University. A draft of a related set of lecture notes is available on the course page, and files of the slides used have been posted there.

Current interest: Examples of "quasilegitimate" spammers (real organizations or selling otherwise legitimate products) who ought to be blocked.

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