In seeking a testable hypothesis, we found the statement below in the book The Hand-Sculpted House by Ianto Evans. We chose this statement as our hypothesis.

Heat flows through cob at the rate of an inch per hour.

(see caveat)

Inquiry Questions
  • Assuming...
    a. we are able to measure temperature changes over time at various depths in the cob wall
    b. we heat the interior of the structure for a certain length of time, then discontinue the heating period
    What is the time lag between the peak temperatures at different depths in the wall?
    This time lag should help us determine the rate of heat transfer through the cob wall.

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Cob Comfort - a study of heat transfer through cob walls
Kathy Bevers | Per Kielland-Lund | Arch 591 Fall 2003 | GTF: Sara Goenner