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How can we convey the special qualities of a place?
 In each location around the world, inhabitants can play a special role in sharing unique local characteristics by publishing over the World Wide Web. Each individual can personally interpret the qualities, values and spaces that make it special. Capturing a place in digital media means that feelings, perceptions and memories can be combined with physical information to provide a vivid, accessible presentation. 

Students have been exploring how to express the essence of a place with digital media. Each portrays real or imaginary places from film, literature, art, architecture or memory. In short exercises,the students depict a specific place via writing, 3D modeling, rendering and animation. They publish their ongoing efforts through the class website.

Winter 2002 Work in Progress

Oscar Campos
Amy Cook
Stormy Deets
Sangeetha Divakar
Summer Gorder
Wasin Kemkomnerd
Doug Klassen
Trevor Lewis
Hong Wook Suk

Spring 2001 Work

Andika Murandi
Aalto Mt. Angel Abbey


Collin Zimmerer-Mazza:  Aalto Academic Bookstore

Po-chi Lu:
Aalto Wolfsburg Cultural Center

Jessica Rubin:
Aalto Seinajoki Library


Troy Peters:
Aalto Viipuri Library

Joseph Pitt:  
Maybeck Brookings School


Ian O'Banion:
Maybeck Brookings Bank

Kevin Gerlits:  
Maybeck Brookings houses

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