• To understand how photographic images can enrich 3D models

I. Review of Student Progress

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II.  Clarification of Assignment One

III.  Resources

Software Patch for Photoshop 6.0

Digital Lighting

FormZ Desktop Companion older version discount

IV.  Review of Rendering

V. Materials - Texture Mapping

A. Images for Material Maps

  • Color Image Map
  • Reflectance Environment Maps
  • Transparency Map
  • Bump Map

B. Texture Mapping

  • Wrapped textures vs. Solid procedural textures (i.e. directional wood grain)
  • Urban massing models

C. Decals (picture in frame, decal on brick wall, rug on floor)

IV. Rendering Background

A. Images in the Background

B. Matching image perspective views

C. Alpha Channel Background

D.  Fog & Distance Effects

IV. Creating and Using Alpha Channels

A. Save Selection, Load Selection (Channel)

B. Creating an Alpha Channel (paint in mask mode)

V. References

FormZ course links

Models and Texture Maps (see Resources > Third party models and textures)

Julie Dorsey's Weathered Textures

Non-photorealistic rendering

  • David Salesin @ UW
  • Michael A Kowalski @ Brown

3D Paint