Daylighting Simulation


  • To understand basic daylighting techniques and methods for simulating daylighting

I. Check-in on student progress

II.  Lighting Simulation Definitions

Luminance Brightness reflected from a surface
Illuminance Luminous energy hitting a surface
Sparkle Specular highlights
Glare High contrast that prevents reading of the visual environment
Local Illumination Direct illumination from light sources + material properties (no bounced light)
Global Illumination Accounts for indirect reflected light
Ray Tracing Considers light as rays. Looks at pixels visible to viewer and traces rays back to objects and then back to reflected sources. View dependent
Radiosity Considers light as heat energy radiated from sources. Progressively refines a solution that considers color bleeding. View independent.

III. Daylighting Techniques

Lightolier on Lessons in Lighting

Heshong-Mehone Group on Daylighting in Schools (see Guidelines)

Eindhoven University's FAGO Group on Daylight Design with Radiance Renderings

IV. Examples of Daylighting Simulation

Courses or how-to

Representing Daylighting (Cheng & Lee)

Andrzej Zarzicki's Renderings of the Piazza SS. Annunziata in Florence and Aalto's Altstetten Parish Church

Visarc's photorealistic architectural renderings