17 Future Directions


  • To become familiar with important directions for computer-aided architectural design and visualization.

I. Input Devices

- Andrew Werby's links on Digitizers from his Computers and Sculpture Links page

- Sensable's Freeform force-feedback stylus

II. Rapid Prototyping Output for designers

- Rapid Prototyping in the Fine Arts, Architecture, Jewelry & Industrial Design

- B.J. Novitski's Scale Models from Thin Air - with beautiful illustrations

- Kevin Chaite Rotheroe's Manufacturing Free-form Architecture

II. Tools for Recording Place

- Pocket CAD: mobile 2D drawing tool for the PocketPC (see ACAD Volo View for markup)

- Photomodeler : create 3D models from photographs by hinting corners. Free lite version

- Cyra Technologies environmental laser-scanning

- QuantaPoint: site documentation service using laser-scanning

- E & S Rapidsite - allows quick modeling of neighborhood-scale projects

III. Sketch-based tools

- Do & Gross' Electronic Cocktail Napkin

- AutoCad's Studiodesk, renamed Architectural Desktop

- Sketchup

- Anoto - pen scans patterned paper to record sketching & writingIV

IV. Rendering the body in motion

- Julio Bermudez's Cyberprint project

- Cassidy Curtis' Loose and Sketchy Animation

- Tonya Abna's explanation of Loose and Sketchy rendering

- RiverBed's abstract animations of dances choreographed by Bill T. Jones & Merce Cunningham

- Digital Performance Archive

V. Misc

Intellicad 2000 - inexpensive AutoCad clone. read a review