University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignment 3

Step-by-step refinement of Willamette Hall entry pavillion modeled by Edwin Lee


Create 3D models of elements from Maybeck architecture that will be useful for building complete 3D models.


Consider carefully what building blocks could be used in forming your building description. Create a library of three-dimensional components which could be used in the development of your site. Show at least

See an example of stepwise refinement built up from basic symbols by Paul Petrunia

Make all the pieces into a FormZ Library file callsed symbols.zlb which is located in a directory called place. Include an icon of your library called symbol.jpg in the same directory. Display more complete images on a Web page linked to your site home page. The page should incorporate graphic elements of the class web page style.

Download .htaccess file and upload it to your Gladstone or Darkwing account so the files download correctly.

For the ambitious:
Get a jump start by drawing the plans of your site to scale and inserting as many of the simple symbols in place as possible.

Hand out: Tues, Jan 25
Hand in: Thurs, Feb. 3, 9:30 a.m.

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