Appendices for Senate Budget Committee Whitepaper

This page has links to documents pertaining to the Senate Budget Committee Whitepaper as well as additional links.
  • Information on the Senate Budget Committee White Paper issued 5 January 2000
    1. 1998-99 Average Faculty Total Compensation Among Peer Universities, based on data provided in American Association of University Professors. Academe comparison of UO with comparators.
    2. List of comparators
    3. Annual Percentage Changes in Faculty Salaries and Compensation, based on data provided in Oklahoma State University, 1998-99 Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline. Summary prepared by Oregon University System, Office of Institutional Research. (JPEG scanned)
    4. 1999-2000 State Revenue per Cell: Legislatively Approved Budget. Summary of State Funding Matrix prepared by Oregon University System, Office of Finance and Administration. (Scanned JPEG) Page One, Two, and Three
    5. Enrollment History , Fall 1968 through 1998
    6. University of Oregon, Historical Trends in Unrestricted Expenditures. Summary prepared by University of Oregon, Office of Resource Management.
    7. Changes in Tuition Compared to Changes in Enrollment

    Additional Links

    1. Timetable for 2000
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Main Home Page of the Senate Budget Committee
    4. Main Home Page of the UO Senate
    5. Home Page for the Town Hall Meeting

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