Town Hall Meeting on

Faculty Compensation and Budgetary Matters

Wednesday 26 January 2000

1500-1700 in 177 Lawrence

The townhall meeting is sponsored by the UO Senate, the UO Chapter of the AAUP, and the Faculty Advisory Council. The Senate Budget Committee will make a brief presentation at the meeting, other members of the panel will respond to that with a short statement or two, and then the floor will be open for discussion. Senate President Gilkey email ( will act as the moderator. The UO has a long tradition of shared governance and it is hoped that this "town hall meeting" will facilitate a dialogue among all the parties concerning these important issues. The panel will consist of:
  1. Senate Budget Committee:
    1. David Frank (Vice Chair, Chair FAC) email: dfrank@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
    2. Mike Kellman email:
    3. Nathan Tublitz (Senate Executive Committee) email:
    4. Wayne Westling (Chair) email:
  2. Faculty Members
    1. Suzanne Clark email:
    2. Roland Greene email:
  3. Administration
    1. Dave Frohnmayer (UO President) email: pres@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
    2. John Moseley (Provost) email: provost@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU

    (James Buch, Lorraine Davis, Frances Dyke, and Helen Stoop will be present to provide technical information if required).

Some related documents are:
  1. 2 December 1999 Letter from UO President Frohnmayer, FAC Chair Frank, SBC Chair Westling, and Senate President Gilkey outlining the timetable.
  2. White paper by the Senate Budget Committee See also Cover letter and executive summary (subsequently revised)
  3. Current Issues - a page of links to related matters.
  4. Report of the Senate Budget Committee in 1998.
  5. Letter (page 1 , page two) from University President Frohnmayer to Chancellor Cox regarding faculty compensation.

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