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starship-design: Attatchmment?

Johnny Thunderbird writes:
 > Anybody else besides Ben have trouble seeing my post?
 > My mail client sends HTML as the default. I know people who use pine (for
 > example) for a client, don't see that too well. I didn't attatch anything,
 > just typed and sent. My echo from the list looked just like what I sent.
 > Well, I've changed the default to plain text, in case anybody else has that
 > problem.

I recommend to all posters to avoid redundant HTML attachments.  Besides
causing problems for many mail readers, they make messages 2-3 times
larger than they need to be without adding anything useful.

Also, as a reminder, postings over 40,000 bytes in size will be bounced
to me for manual approval.  I may manually approve postings that aren't
too much over the limit if they have merit (i.e. a sufficiently lengthy
discussion, one of the space newsletters that Lee occasionally forwards,
etc.) but in general you should avoid sending large messages to the
list.  And, if you have redundant HTML attachments turned on, that'll
make a 20,000 character plaintext posting go over the limit.