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starship-design: Attatchmment?

Anybody else besides Ben have trouble seeing my post?

My mail client sends HTML as the default. I know people who use pine (for
example) for a client, don't see that too well. I didn't attatch anything,
just typed and sent. My echo from the list looked just like what I sent.
Well, I've changed the default to plain text, in case anybody else has that

Or was that a grammatical criticism? Long sentences aren't ungrammatical in
themselves, though they may not be as readable as conversational mode. If
you're into fusion and relativity, maybe you can unscramble my sentence
construction with a bit of effort. I seem to recall we did something like
this last year, where I proposed accelerator fusion and you came back with
Farnsworth. Good stuff, just not as straightforward as slamming particles
into each other, and not so obviously a simple space drive. Note that fusion
which produces only alphas does not initiate chain reactions, doesn't do
anything else complicated, just shoots stuff out the back. Check out that
http://www.metaresearch.org if you haven't already.

Johnny T.