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Undelivered Ideas

> >     Sorry for saying you were negative. I know you were just trying to
> > put a practical spin on my $10 orbital goal and that you want cheap
> > access to space as much as I do.

Here are some round about numbers for my view on the lowest cost.
http://www.rotaryrocket.com/tec/rotonv.html  Rotory rocket.
				             Mass fully loaded 180,000 kg
				             Pay load            3,200 kg
					     cost per playload  $2,200 kg
				             fuel/payload       56:1 

					     lox/Kerosene ratio 2.5
					     40 kg lox
					     16 kg fuel   for each kq of payload.
					     cost 1980 lox kg    $ .08
					               fuel kg   $ .20
					     assuming 3 x increase for 2010 then ( my guess )
						       lox  .24
						       fuel .60
				              lox  $9.60
                                              fuel $9.60
					      rounding up $19.20 per kg of payload fuel costs.
					      tricky part assume a running cost 30% of the fuel

Mininum cost				      $   25 per kg   $12.5 per lbm
RLV Current cost			      $2,200 per kg
Mature  cost ( guess )                        $   50 per kg   $25.00 per lbm

So here are my numbers. I can see why NASA and the military have never developed
RLV's look
how much you can rip off the tax payer.