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Re: starship-design: Idea

In a message dated 6/25/00 1:37:58 PM, bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:

>> If you use anti nutronic fuels  D + He  or H + Li6 there is no radiation
>> shielding required.  I wrote Bussard about that and he said the steel
>> presure
>> vessel would provide all the shielding nessisary, and the efficency 
>> would be high enough tonot require much of any cooling system.
>All reactions will be a little dirty as you have several reactions
>with different fuels. D+He sure but D+D still will happen too.
>Don't forget X-rays too.

That was expected to be low enough to keep the radiation load low enough that 
the heavy steel presure vessel would provode enough shielding.

>To heat the air up you still have to be hotter than hell,and that heat
>exchange may be rather hard to do.

Actually I was talking about heating electrically.  Generate a arc and the 
air that plows through it gets hot.  The result is also pretty ionized so 
microwaves can be used to heat it more easily.

>> Also the papers go into some detail on the power per weight of a IEC
>> fusion
>> system being orders of magnitudes better then other designs considered.
>Email me the papers... 

I only have hardcopies, not e-copies.

>Most people seem to be closed mouth on fusion 
>facts until it is time for more R&D funding.It is true IEC designs
>are several orders of magnitude lower in weight. They also have lower
>power output because the smaller size. Not quite "Mr Fusion" but close.

These were lower weight per same power.

The papers were

H. D. Froning, Jr. and R. W. Bussard, "Fusion-Electric Propulsion for 
Hypersonic Flight," AIAA paper 93-261.

R. W. Bussard and L. W. Jameson, "The QED Engine Spectrum: Fusion-Electric 
Propulsion for Air-Breathing to Interstellar Flight," AIAA paper 93-2006.

R. W. Bussard and L. W. Jameson, "Some Physics considerations of Magnetic 
Inertial-Electrostatic Confinement: A New Concept for Spherical 
Converging-Flow Fusion," Fusion Technology vol 19 (March 1991).

R. W. Bussard and L. W. Jameson, "Design Considerations for Clean QED Fusion 
Propulsion Systems," prepared for the Eleventh Symposium on Space Nuclear 
Power and Propulsion, Albuquerque, 9-13 Jan 94.

R. W. Bussard , "The QED Engine System: Direct Electric Fusion-Powered 
Systems for Aerospace Flight Propulsion" by Robert W. Bussard, EMC2-1190-03, 
available from Energy/Matter Conversion Corp., 9100 A. Center Street, 
Manassas, VA 22110.

 (This is an introduction to the application of Bussard's version of the 
Farnsworth/Hirsch electrostatic confinement fusion technology to propulsion.  
Which gives specific impulses of between 1500  and 5000 secounds.  
Farnsworth/Hirsch demonstrated a 10**10 neutron flux with their device back 
in 1969 but it was dropped when panic ensued over the surprising stability of 
the Soviet Tokamak. Hirsch, responsible for the panic, has recently recanted 
and is back working on QED. -- Jim Bowery)  

Anyway if you go to a good library (especially a university libray) they 
should be able to get you a copy of these easy.  If that doesn't work I could 
scan things in and mail you, but those images would keep both our modelm 
going for a long time.  ;)