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Re: starship-design: Idea

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> If you use anti nutronic fuels  D + He  or H + Li6 there is no radiation
> shielding required.  I wrote Bussard about that and he said the steel presure
> vessel would provide all the shielding nessisary, and the efficency would pe
> high enough tonot require much of any cooling system.

All reactions will be a little dirty as you have several reactions
with different fuels. D+He sure but D+D still will happen too.
Don't forget X-rays too.
To heat the air up you still have to be hotter than hell,and that heat
exchange may be rather hard to do.
> Also the papers go into some detail on the power per weight of a IEC fusion
> system being orders of magnitudes better then other designs considered.

Email me the papers... Most people seem to be closed mouth on fusion 
facts until it is time for more R&D funding.It is true IEC designs
are several orders of magnitude lower in weight. They also have lower
power output because the smaller size. Not quite "Mr Fusion" but close.

> Kelly

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