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Re: starship-design: FTL travel

In a message dated 4/18/00 1:00:49 AM, bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> You forget, your talking about things like aircraft or ships.  You don't
>> a aircraft thats shiped to you in a hundred parts.  Odds are it would
>> like a sive and all those joints and sockets would work lose.
> My GOD that is what duct tape is for!

To hold the air into a space ship!!!  Are you nutz!!!  NO ONE accepts a 40 
foot yacht  shiped to them in ten 4 foot peaces peaces to be bolted  together 
in the water.  NO one acepts an aircraft whos wings were to be duct taped 
together from 4 fot sections.

Get real!

> You must think everything comes from a FACTORY already assembled.
> HOW THE FUCK does the FACTORY make the stuff,if not from hundreds of

Because they ae building it in a factory.  Where they have construction gigs, 
can crawl all over the thing to test it, have full assess to personell and 
any test device nessisary.  None that is avalible in space or in the field.

> You can build your own home,rent a apartment or buy a condo to live
> in, why  can't I have the same choice in space?

Be cause condos don''t blow up and shreed the nieghborhood if you do a bad 
job on the siding.  And carpenters don't need to work in a full presure suit 
in a high radiatin environment.  Its not a doit your selfer job.

> Things welded together is the strongest way of joining things and
>electric spot welding aluminum sounds like it would work in space.
> Remember air pressure is about 5 PSI not 15 PSI on earth.

No, the presure is 15 PSI  14.7 to be specific..

>> >Bigger is not better,
>> >just more
>> >profit because the money saved goes to the greedy stock holders.
>> If you don't pay folks what their work is worth, they won't do it for
>> >We need CONDO'S in space not apartments. For the up until the last 6000
>> >years
>> >man has lived with out money, why now is money the only thing of value?
>> Money isn't of value, its the MEASURE OF value!  Waste money, and your
>> wasteing resources and absolute value.
>  Money is a measure of talent not value... 

No talent is one type of value.

>How much money is 
>a loving family or a good friend or a life worth. 

Check your insurence company.  They have detailed charts.

>I don't make much
>money does that mean I have NO value in designing spacecraft?

How much has anyone offered to pay you?

>I am working on a nice CPU design, just because I cant make money
>from it is worth less? What is the price of knowledge?

Try to sell it.  Compare what you can get relative to the pros.  Do the math.

>> >It seems the only way to get MAN into space is to KEEP MAN out of space
>> >craft.
>> >Man can't live in space if we can't build a home in space.
>It is a real pain that one has to fight the social/economic system
>to get launch costs down.

You don't fight it.  Thats as stupid as cursing the law of gravity.  You 
figure out whats needed.  To lower costs, you must change the system and 
develop a market to support low cost operations.

>PS I don't agree with the current social / economic system we live
>in, nothing personal with my sharp remarks.

Its the only one around that would try to support what you want to do.  Don't 
bite the hand that feeds you.