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Re: starship-design: New class of gamma rays discovered in Milky Way

"L. Parker" wrote:

> This is from CNN:
> http://cnn.com/2000/TECH/space/03/23/gamma.ray/index.html
> If you want to find ET then perhaps you should try looking for the trail
> that an antimatter engine might leave...

. . . just make sure you're not stepping on the tail of a superluminal star . .
 www.rideau.net/~gaasbeek/index.html#contents  . . . about two thirds down in
"Frames of Reference: Part Two".

I used to like Autodynamics, until I found this.

> Lee Parker
> "People do love to go to weird places for reasons we can't imagine -- mostly
> because they have too much money."
>                             - Freeman Dyson