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Re: starship-design: A forgotton fusion inventor.

"L. Parker" wrote:
> Farnsworth's Fusor bears a startling resemblance to the VASIMR engine. If
> anything, I would say it was probably more advanced. VASIMR uses a similar
> tube arrangement but the pump is an array of microwave emitters. It is still
> a vacuum tube in basic concept though. If the quoted power input figures are
> correct, Farnsworth's Fusor is vastly more efficient.
> It would be interesting to see someone build one, demonstrate to the world
> that it works and then LET ITT sue...it could be VERY embarrassing for ITT.
> Lee

I don't see every one building one, but it can't be harder than say
building a steam-locomtive in a machine shop? Too bad I am all thumbs
in construction as that would be my next project. ( After I am done my
cpu ).
Having a quick look at the message board it looks like 3 fusors have