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Re: [Fwd: starship-design: HIGHLY OPTIMIZED TOLERANCE]

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> Always?!  Lewis and clark, Stanly and Livingston, Coulumbus, etc.  Where do
> you get always?  Or even frequently?
Remember that Women are not permitted in the NAVY and or ARMY or as
DOCTORS in those prehistoric times. I guess I have been reading to much
of "Geodyssey" series by Piers Anthony.  

> NOI NO NO.  I mean current designs like Space Access' Ejector ramjet to Mach
> 6 then boost to orbit or stage to orbit.  DC-X designs.  Etc.

Rotary Rocket and LightCraft are the only ones that look to be ready in
the near
future.+3 years. The other STO's are still several years away.

> You don't want to take a jump back to cruder dsigns, and of course you won't
> use the 1950's expendables dsigns, or '60's70ish  shuttle.
The shuttle's design is that way because of political influence,
a smaller lighter fully reusable shuttle could have been built then, but
USA had/has no plans for a permanent space station. 

> >> And how do you pay for that antimater?  Just make a straight fusion reactor
> >> and forget about it.
> >
> >I use a fusion reactor -- it is called the sun -- to make the
> >anti-matter.
> To expensive, and complex.

Anti-matter is real now...Boom !!! was real.
Fusion is not.

> >Anti-matter catalyzed fusion will probability come before straight
> >fusion,
> Why?  Regular fusion research (ignoring the DOE work) has shown excelent
> results.  Its generally assumed we could get fusin in a decades or two if we
> tried.  Space is thought to be a "Market" that could support it.

That fusion has always been "10" years away since the 1960's. Your
fusion designs seem to the most probable of the lot of designs.

> Then what do you propose?  They can't live there, the ship can't support them
> forever?  So where do they go?  Out the airlock?
  That is one of the advantages of self- suffentcy, you can build a new 
habitat. I would assume they die of old age, with children replacing the 
elders. Once in a new star system raw materials needed would be easily
That is one reason the unmanned probe was sent earlier, to give the
facts of the solar system.

> We differ in what we consider acceptable and practical.  If it takes to long
> to get the crew back alive - build a faster ship.  You can't get funding for
> a one way missin.

Funding is a big problem as investors always think of the next 6 months
than the next 6 years.

> Kelly

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 We borrow it from our children."
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