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Re: [Fwd: starship-design: HIGHLY OPTIMIZED TOLERANCE]

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> Hate to tell you, but the Star Trek like tech would be to crude for a couple
> decades from now, and a IC chip is a IC chip.  So using and old CPU is not
> going to bye you anything.

True but is the latest computer technology required? A remember a nice
short story about group of people using vacuum tubes computers in their
space-ships and the captain of the star-ship landing on planet with
a atmosphere toxic to the computers, to prevent the ship from being

> The tech would probably be designed for more adaptability.  Things like the
> Fractal robot systems, and general.
I say why use all that crap...  build a reusable transport system (
the REAL innovative idea and hard part) and use people instead. If you
have computers and robots and other Shit like that what is left for
people to do in space?
The main reason we use that is because we don't have a transportation
yet. Pay load is still small and complex.
( Come on RotoryRocket ... ). Man has not needed robots to advance
and explore, just real HE MEN ( and women). After 40 years of space
exploration by governments
for propaganda and power struggles over space, we have not done any
thing really

For my designs that may not be practical ( Interplanetary travel ) 
-- 1) No robotics at all other than initial observation.
-- 2) Technology about 1980's and free, like linux software. 
-- 3) Family groups about 6-8 per family and 10-15 families per
      travel group.
-- 4) Priority that other life is requirement for a healthy
      human life-style, and human relation ships.

-- 5) 2 stage transport shuttle/plane to space dock ... 
      Chemical fueled rocket HC4-O2 -- To mach 2? and high altitude. ISP
300? pilot.
      Beamed energy propulsion from satellite or ground station, on a
fractal antenna -wing  - HC4? ISP 900? auto-pilot. Dyna-soar skip flight
path to orbit, and re-entry.
      2000 kg payload to low-earth orbit.
      2000 kg ship
      Delta-v = 9,400 m/s - mach 2 = 8740
      vexp = ISP * 9.8 = 8820
      FMR=e^(Delta-v / vexp) + 1 = 3.75
      15,000 kg second stage

-- 6) High - speed transport ship to planetary ferry - ISP 2400. Beamed
      antimatter/ fusion drive

-- 7) Ferry - anti-matter/fusion drive
      cargo - anti-matter/fusion drive, solar wind

-- 8) Solar powered ( in orbit around the sun )
      anti-matter production plants.

-- 9) NO - FTL travel ...  deep space travel will require
      genetically altered life for a long life span with hibernation
      and several generations. One way travel... 
"We do not inherit our time on this planet from our parents...
 We borrow it from our children."
The Lagging edge of technology: