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Re: [Fwd: starship-design: HIGHLY OPTIMIZED TOLERANCE]

Curtis Manges wrote:

> Sure. That's what got us where we are today. We aren't the fastest or strongest
> in anything, but we're mediocre in so _many_ things that we've managed to
> overtake all of it. I've got a personal theory about space-faring races: one of
> the requirements is that they be able to eat just about anything.
> Curtis

Hmm I picture the Tasmanian devil from Bugs Bunny in a space suit.
My own view is that the technology of a space faring race is about
early 1980's era and very boot-strap-able. This is because things have
be repair-able and easy to manufacture by hand if need be. In a closed
environment the type of non recycle-able waste is the major limiting
of growth. Take computers, you don't need Star-trek type technology to
run 99% of the stuff computers are used for. What you need is simple
rugged technology, that does not die after 10 years of storage or use.

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 We borrow it from our children."
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