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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

In a message dated 2/19/00 11:42:40 PM, STAR1SHIP@aol.com writes:

>In a message dated 2/19/00 6:00:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, stevev@efn.org
>> STAR1SHIP@aol.com writes:
>>   > >  Please give a citation for these writings of Einstein that you
>> > > justify your position.  At best they are quite at odds with everything
>> > > else Einstein wrote about relativity.  If you claim that no one else
>> can
>>   > >  see them because they are "non-publized" (sic) then you should
>>   > >  expect us to believe that they exist or that they say what you
>>   > >  they say.
>>   > 
>>   > Would like to give you the citation but it was inadvertently thrown
>>   > out along with many text books and personal papers by stepfather
>>   > I enlisted in the Air Force.
>>  I just knew you'd say something like that. 
>Wow, Now you are a psychic. I speak what I know to be true. Were I dishonest
>I would have not made the patent claim 7 for it would have made the patent
>examination less costly by thousands of dollars.
>Einstein was so fearful of what he had to say about taking responsibility
>inventing the atomic bomb and how it worked he dictated his 1955 work to
>women who specialized writing physics books for children and had here place
>his words in her juvenile book to avoid government censors for he spoke
>things others were to be executed for during that time. It was the Macarthy
>era and the climate of fear dominated discussions of atomic bomb details.
>What Einstein said started me on my search for the machine to obtain the
>super light velocities he predicted were possible.
>The female author waited fro fear until 62 or 63 to publish. Fearful myself,
>I burned the atomic bomb diagrams I had written from his work and my note
>books. I kept only the library book checkout cards from my school library
>committed my work to memory for without the written work (used to execute
>Rosenbergs) so I figured I was safe from execution. Those library references
>were thrown out.
>Research and documentation to meet your naive standards was impossible
>at the 
>time. Deal with it but you cannot ignore it simply because you do not know
>about it. For it did happen and his work will resurface as it has many
>1. Instructor at FAA academy in 1968 taught me Einstein's impact bomb plans
>for the third time. (The first was my uncle who built them for the Air
>2. Explosive ordinance manual reference book inadvertently published by
>government printing office (1977) the impact bomb formulas I have published.
>3. Found web page of Einstein's taking credit for invention and the reasons
>he told Fermi how to build the bomb in a ten minute telephone(1938) 
>conversation. (Erased favorite link when switched from AOL 4.0 to 5.0)

I'm assuming at this point your hoaxing us.  

- Anyone involved with physics, or weapons history knows Einstein wasn't 
involved in the bomb program (though he wrote a letter supporting the gov 
researching its possibility).  

- nothing related to blast physics would permit, FTL exaust or in any way 
relate to possible forms of FTL (past possible power generation).

- "..Found web page of Einstein's taking credit for invention.."  Einstien 
died decades before the web was started.

- Even an extreamly minimal knowledge of relativity would tell you that 
travel at light speed would require infinate amounts of power, so FTL would 
need some other trick to get around that.

Its no longer credible that you could have missed all this, so it think its 
almost certain that your pulling our leg (rather then being this sloppy).