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starship-design: Casimir-Foreward balloon

Hello Connor,

>i dunno.

I suppose you are writing to me? I would appreciate it if you would
indicate so.

>I'm not sure what you don't understand,

How much clearer can I make my question: "Where does de beam push?"

You must have had some idea of this when you created your idea. If not,
what made you assume that your design might work? Thus how did you come to
the idea? What would you compare it with? What was your first step from
which you extrapolated?

>and due to my general lack knowledge on the subject (which,
>by the way, you've drawn into glaring relief) I probably
>couldn't answer it well enough anyway.

You're not getting away this easy. If you like me to listen, (let alone
answer), you should at least try. I cannot read your mind.

>Can anyone else on the list answer his questions?

No, I like the answers or otherwise the questions from you. Tell me what
you don't understand.

>If not, I think we should drop it, because my usefulness has been

Maybe you would like to increase your future usefulness?