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starship-design: Re: StarShip Design - Hello

In a message dated 1/8/00 9:14:09 PM, kvision@gate.net writes:

>I'm VERY curious about your web site. I'm not nuts or anything, I am
>just curious about your site and feel that a StarShip is VERY possible.
>Or did you guys just create your web site as a joke? Either way, I plan
>on designing a ship of my own. Too bad you all use Macintosh. Cuzz on my
>PC, using Visual Basic, I and a few others are creating Star Trek LCARS
>interfaces for our computers. I have found that this type of interface
>is VERY effective. And people love it. So why not Actually use it for a
>ship? I would.
>I hope this is no joke, I would feel very ackward if it was...

Nope we were serious.  You probably noticed their was way to much tech detail 
for a joke.  ;)  

I've seen some sites based around the ST LCARS GUI look.  The basic structure 
(before you add a lot of the sloppiness of the newer shows) was ok.  
(You might want to check out http://members.tripod.com/~adeadend/index2.htm 
for a interesting Star Trek site on ST techs with a ST like interface.)  
However geting the computer gear to work on the ship wasn't a real concern of 
ours.  In 50 years you'ld have computer gear to work with far more capable 
and inteligent then the Star Trek concepts.

Anyway.  Yes we are serious and glad you liked the site.    ;)