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Re: starship-design: The Case for Space

In a message dated 10/14/99 10:51:43 PM, bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> Here we disagree.  No one will build space colony, to build space colonies;
>> and it will take generations - to centuries for them to develop a really
>> autonomous economy.  Cities and settlements are built for profit of the
>> s.  If they fail that measure, they become ghost towns.  We have many
>> Ghost towns / former idealistic colony. in this country.
>We also have a lot of single industry towns and cities as well. Right now
>is the time to look at options for what kind of space colonies we want. 
>We may not get into space but we can suggest ideas for it.
>> Define short?  North America was originally a profit center for Europe
>> centuries after settling started.
>If I remember right, with profit making companies dealing in slaves, tobacco
>,and rum.  We still have problems with different race's ,smoking and 

Also gold, cotton, wood.  Either way thou, folks were sent here to return