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starship-design: Plasma Project and strange light

Well I don't live at my parents home so I don't really have to worry about 
the microwave.  It was a cool thing to see.  I have been trying to make my 
own plasma container for under 100 bucks, but it seems to be a little 
fruitless.  I will continue to try, though.  I think I will have to spend a 
little more.....hehe.  Any more ideas on the subject would be greatly 

On a second note, I contacted Britt Scharringhausen from Cornell and asked 
him about the mysterious light that was posted earlier.  It seems that even 
over the course of three years this thing has not moved enough to decide if 
it is a ship at relativistic or FTL speeds.  I had a thought that may seem 
a little odd, but maybe feasible.  Could it be we are seeing the first ever 
spotted Wormhole?

Fred Reyes

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