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Re: starship-design: plasma sources

	I'm no expert on plasma physics, but here are some ways that
immediately spring to mind:
	1) Spark gap + RF heating of the air.  Plasmas couple very well to
RF, and most of the energy gets turned into heat.
	2)High temp combustion + RF.  Sometime, bend a toothpick so that
it stands with one end pointing up, light that end, and put it in your
microwave. I think they're kind of pretty.  Also, the Oxy-Acetylene
reaction is the hottest type of combustion I know of, at a few thousand
degrees,  Kind of dangerous stuff though.
	3) In general, the more rarified the air, the lower the
temperature required for ionization.  Maybe run the air though a throat at
high speeed.

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Fred Reyes wrote:

> I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me a list of ways to 
> convert plain ordinary air into plasma.  It does not have to be really high 
> temperature originally, I can take care of that myself.  However, the power 
> required to convert air into plasma has to be kept as low as possible.  If 
> it is not possible to convert regular air, some alternatives would be nice.
> Thank you,
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