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Re: starship-design: Is this fiction?

> As for the private SSTO angle, its a big interest of a lot of folks,
> including US interest.  Thou NASA, and to a lessor degree DOD, are
> against making space that open - corporate interests are chewing around
> the edges to get past those roadblocks.
> check out
>    http://www.spaceaccess.com/
>   http://www.wtn.org/crda/payloads.htm
>   http://www.wtn.org/ProjectStories/crada/payloads.htm
> For a us Company quietly working toward a ship like the FireStar cover.
>   ;)
> Kelly

I use a different reviewing method -- read book in store

www.spaceaccess.com is currently being updated, so looks to
be offline for a few days.

Thanks for the urls.