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Re: starship-design: Starship-Design: Let's build the thing!

In a message dated 04/06/99 16:20:57 Mountain Daylight Time, KellySt@aol.com 

<< I worked at NASA in the shuttle and station programs for about 15 years.  
 McNamara didn't do anything to NASA.  We never went to Mars or back to the 
 moon because we had no interest in doing it.  We really only did the moon to 
 show up Russia. >>

	Sorry Kelly, I read some stuff back when I first joined LIT that said 
that NASA had partially completed a ship in 1981 that could get us to Mars.  
It further said that McNamara got it axed.  I guess the information was not 
as reliable as I thought.  Thanks for the correction.

Mike Pfeifer