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Re: Re: starship-design: Genuine STR question

> One problem with this is the power limits of the fuel.  For example teh
> systems I was discusing used fuels that released all the energy of the
> reactions into kenetic energy of the exaust products.  Thats good,
> your radiation and heat problems go away, and you just need to aim the
> Since these particals are charged conversion of their momentum to
> is a snap too.  BUT if you convert the exaust energy to electricity and
> that electricity to accelerate a smaller mass to a higher speed, your not
> geting any more efficency.  Rather your adding a more complex drive
system and
> dumping most of the fusino exaust.

Not true since only a fraction of the exaust can be used for thrust,by
at a regular rocket engine. The electric system may be easly reversed
for slowing down.

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Some ramscoop action can be done as well.