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Re: starship-design: FTL and other drives.

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> As to your list
> > a) Worm hole travel
> >    instant but requires gate ways at each end.
> No one has a clue about this.  No near term possibility.

   Ok scratch this one.

> > b) FTL travel
> >    2 to 5 x speed of light.
> >    have to drop out of warp to navigate and or
> >    to prevent heat build up.
> We have very rough theories about FTL.  NOne of your details are even hinted
> in them.

   I have not read any ftl theories but they seem resonable limits,since they
are out side out universe you can't go far with out getting lost or stressing
you engines. More theory needed.

> > c) Time warp
> >    low speed travel with a time warp bubble
> >    to slow down aging with for long travel times.
>  >   1/4C with time warp to give 1 to 2x C
> No theory of this.
> > d) Fussion reactor
> >    3/4 to 1/10C
> I think I pulled about ever trick you could with fussion.  NO way your geting
> to .75 unless you have STAGERING fuel ratios.  .2 needs fuel reserves tens to
> a hundred times that of the unfuel ship.  (To get to .4 C I added external
> fueling or microwave sail.

   Ok, My ball park figure was off. Does 1/3C to 1/12C sound right for ball park
figures. For 5 light years, 15 to 60 years oneway.
> > e) Fussion reactor with
> >          basard ramjet 3/4 to 1/10C
> Looks like ramjets would be hard pressed to scoop up there own weight in
> material over the time of a flight.
  True but that is not to scrap the idea just yet. A say 1/4C to 1/12C for round 
> > f) fussion reactor with
> >  hybernation 1/10C to 1/200C
> >
> > g) Fussion reactor with
> >    basard ramjet with
> >  hybernation
> >    1/10C to 1/200C
> We havent a clue of how to do hibernation, and if your stupid enough to launch
> a flight at 1/200th light speed you deserve all the ridicule your desendants
> will receave in 900 years when you get to Alpha Centari.  Lets face it, they
> won't be the first earth ship there by a few centuries at least!

   Hybernation where you turn into a block of ice is out for shure, but
do it all the time and now that the cause of cell death is known genenic
could do it for a the crew. A faster ship may not be practical like any of the
discused here. Ok then 1/12C to 1/30C 60 to 150 years.
> > h) fussion reactor or
> >    fission reactor or
> >    basard ramjet   or
> >    other. multi generation
> >    ship with hybernation
> >    1/50C to 1/1000C
> 4500  years to Alpha C!!  Are you nuts!

  Anything greater than 1/30C. Mass evacuation when the sun goes nova.
  ( ok the sun will not go nova but sounds good).
> Kelly

  All the designs here can be worked on because while not practical at this time
 several  good ideas may  be in a project that is not possable.