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starship-design: Re: Familiar With Shiva Project?

In a message dated 2/11/99 6:23:29 PM, fdavis@talleyds.com writes:

>I stumbled across your website on starship design while
>searching for other propulsion information.  Are you familiar
>with the anti-proton catalyzed, inertially confined fusion
>propulsion system the Air Force had invested in a few years
>ago?  Parts of the project were referred to as "Shiva" (Hindu
>god).  The anti-proton injector design was made in the late
>The project is advancing very slowly, and the injector tests
>have yet to be performed.  CERN was to provide anti-protons
>for the first injection attempts.  However, funding continues 
>and there is a continued presence at Kirkland Air Force Base.

I heard of a different project called Shiva, and a anti-proton cat fusino
system, but nothing that would cover both.  Last I heard the AF gave up on
anti-mater as not being cost effective for anything they wanted to do.

>I personally don't believe in the pursuit of interstellar spacecraft
>for the next fifty to 100 years, but anti-matter systems will make
>access to the solar system more routine and practical.

I'm doubt full about anti-mater.  The last thing routine practical travel
systems need is a phenominally rare, unstable, and hellishly expensive power

Hope you liked the site though.

Kelly Starks